Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress

The highlight of the year

The 21th International Salsa & Bachata Congress in Israel, which will be held in the resort city of Eilat on 15-18.5.2025!

An amazing long weekend of workshops, concerts, non-stop parties, sun, sea, pool parties, 3 meals a day, free drinks including ALCOHOL , many treats during the parties and a very hot & unique atmosphere that you can only find here!

Different dance halls with the world's top artists and the best Israel's dancers & instructors, in cooperation with the leading schools in Israel.

Latin Cruise

The madness goes out to the Red Sea! Boating, music, dancing, anchoring at sea for maritime entertainment activities, Swimming with an amazing water park for everyone, a long water slide and inflatable facilities!

The Israeli Salsa and Bachata Congress is one of the world's leading events, attracts thousands of dancers from all over the world every year and is considered by many to be the BEST congress in the world.

Everyone talks about it - Now you can experience it! It's not just a slogan, we really mean it, ask your friends who've been here, and they will definitely tell you!

Our Motto - Promoting Peace through Dance: We invite dancers of every gender, nationality and religion to participate in an extraordinary experience in the Holy Land.

The trip to the Holy Land - we see the event as a mission and ourselves as ambassadors in the world and so, immediately after the event we invite our guests from abroad to participate in a trip to the Holy Land in order to give them a little taste of our beautiful Israel and provide them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On this trip we will visit some beautiful places such as: The Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more.

Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress
Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress
Israeli Salsa & Bachata Congress